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MS Lotteries | MS Black Edition Lottery

MS Lotteries

Your support drives our research for a cure.

Every working day five more Australians are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Most people are diagnosed between 20 and 40 years of age. There is no known cause, and no known cure.

For fifty years the MS Society has been providing services for people with MS, and investing into research to find a cure. Your support of the Limited Edition Art Union will give someone living with the disease their best chance at freedom from MS

The Limited Edition Art Union lottery is one of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Queensland’s major fundraising efforts to raise money to care for people with MS, as well as provide vital services like home-support, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, information, counselling, advice, accommodation, respite, and other services to help improve the lives of people with MS and allow them to live with independence and dignity.

View the Limited Edition Website

Part of the funds raised goes towards research to find the cause and a cure for this mystery neurological disease that usually strikes young people in the prime of their lives.
The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Queensland is associated with MS Australia as well as MS Research Australia (MSRA).

Eight Limited Edition Art Union Lotteries are conducted each year with only 8,000 tickets in each draw at a cost of $50 each.  These lotteries are always for a new luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicle and always have a multiple-ticket buyers prize.

Qualifying points holders (one point for every dollar you spend in our Limited Edition Art Unions, 150 points needed by May and 300 points by November) and MS Autobuy customers (supporters who take tickets automatically in each lottery) also qualify for our exclusive, invitation-only, 300 Club Lotteries which occur in June and December each year.  There are only 6,000 tickets in each draw at a cost of $100 each.  MS Autobuy customers can also choose to take tickets automatically in these draws.

View the 300 Club Website

Because of the limited number of tickets available, we encourage regular supporters to join MS AUTOBUY so they never miss out even if the draw is a sellout.  Being an MS Autobuy subscriber makes you eligible for the special ‘MS AUTOBUY Prize Draw’ and guarantees your tickets in each draw and saves the hassle of ordering each time.

We are sincerely grateful to all of our supporters for helping people with multiple sclerosis.  Your support does make a difference: thank you!

For more information please call our freecall hotline on 1800 060 210 or visit our site for the latest news on research, treatments, events and more… www.msqld.org